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Dr. Ramaiah Naidu

First Medical Physicist at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Association of Medical Physicists of India is an Affiliate of the Indian National Science Academy and The International Organization for Medical Physics; It is registered with Regd.No.421/1976 GBBSD, Public Trust F 4238. It is governed by the Constitution of the Association.Amendments to Constitution were suggested and a final Draft Constitution with suggested Amendments is available

In India, medical physics activities started in the mid 40s with the appointment of Dr. Ramaiah Naidu as the first medical physicist at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay with a responsibility to set up and operate a radon plant for cancer treatment. Today there are more than 800 medical physicists in the country. Even though the annual growth rate in the number of medical physicists is reported to be the highest in India, the total number is inadequate for the size of population. While India has less than one medical physicist per millions population, it ranges between 5 to 20 in developed countries. This also reflects upon the meager facilities for X-ray diagnosis and radiation therapy of cancer in India.

The Association of Medical Physicists of India was founded in 1976 with objective of encouraging the application of physics in medicine. It provides a forum for medical physicists in the form of annual conferences (at national and international levels) and publication of a quarterly Journal of Medical Physics for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of new knowledge. The Association collaborates with similar organizations in the world to arise the quality of medical physics in India. Currently it has an active membership of about 800, comprising of physicists, radiation oncologists, radiologists and engineers. The wide spectrum of membership reflects the multi disciplinary nature of medical physics.

  • To promote the application of PHYSICS to Medical and Biological Sciences
  • To encourage Research and Development and Education in the field of MEDICAL PHYSICS
  • To provide forum for persons engaged or interested in the field of MEDICAL PHYSICS
  • To desseminate world-wide information in this field to all members of the ASSOCIATION and to participate actively in IOMP’s programs on MEDICAL PHYSICS

  • Organization of Annual Conferences/Workshops/Seminars on Medical Physics on Medical Physics
  • Publication of a quarterly JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS
  • Travel Fellowship for advanced training in MEDICAL PHYSICS
  • Publication of Educational material in MEDICAL PHYSICS for students and general public